Stack Overdrive is a premium AWS partner. Our certified and experienced AWS professionals help your organization learn the utilization of AWS services and products according to your specific needs, ranging from designing infrastructure to implementing and managing AWS services.

What’s Included in Our AWS Consulting Services?

AWS Cloud Migration Consulting Services

Our AWS experts perform an in-depth assessment of your existing IT infrastructure. This enables us to understand the shortcomings and issues of your existing stack. We help you design a customized AWS Cloud migration strategy based on this assessment and our evaluation.

Design and Strategy of AWS Cloud Infrastructure

Our AWS Design and Strategy experts use proven and best AWS infrastructure design patterns according to your specific needs. We ensure to create an infrastructure that you can easily maintain and scale to meet your company’s evolving demands. Our AWS engineers design a 100% automated and codified AWS infrastructure to make it less vulnerable to errors, more stable, and more reliable.

Universal Scalability

With AWS implementation, your organization can scale on-demand globally. We engineer your AWS infrastructure to ensure enhanced overall performance and high availability with intrinsic flexibility across any life-cycle of your enterprise.

Multi-Platform Operations

Our AWS engineers can develop your AWS infrastructure with a hybrid approach. This ensures seamless connectivity between AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and internal data centers of your organization to send data downstream, upstream, or both.

Uninterrupted AWS Operations

Uptime of your systems is critical, so you need to ensure that you build a self-healing infrastructure. Our AWS professionals foresee issues before they occur by implementing robust AWS monitoring, telemetry, and introspection to have a holistic view of the AWS infrastructure.

Security First

We build your AWS infrastructure by focusing on security from the beginning while following the least privilege principle. We ensure that your AWS infrastructure remains secure from both internal and external threats.

AWS Cost Optimization and Management

Cost Management is a critical aspect of your AWS cloud implementation because your organization can easily overspend if it fails to pay attention or follow the right design patterns. By performing a robust audit of your AWS infrastructure implementation, we can help your organization save nearly 30% to 40% of your cost annually.

The Evolving SRE Engagement Model

Build, Test, Deploy, Monitor & Managed Support on AWS