Work with Official Kubernetes Consulting Partner

Stack Overdrive provides professional Kubernetes consulting services as an official Kubernetes Partner. We customize this service to help developers manage this cluster-based container system seamlessly and efficiently. By harnessing the fifth-generation Kubernetes capability, developers can normalize and standardize these clustered infrastructures on demand. This enables them to overcome various weaknesses of the preceding multi-nodal configurations.

How Our Kubernetes Experts Help You?

Our team of Kubernetes professionals educates and helps you apply related products and procedures to implement infrastructural development. We streamline a seamless interactivity experience from product selection to spin-up, after-care, automation, best practices, and expert Kubernetes support services, solutions, and management.

What’s Included in Our Kubernetes Consulting Services?

K8 Cluster Auditing

Our experienced engineers give significant importance to the visibility of K8 clusters, which have several moving parts. We review your K8 configurations, from pod scaling to improper configurations and others, to ensure your cloud native system follows the best Kubernetes configuration and security practices and that your clusters are ready for production.

Kubernetes Infrastructure Designing

Our team of certified experts uses proven Kubernetes designing patterns to help you develop Kubernetes clusters. The components of your Kubernetes infrastructure design comprise:

  • Configuration management
  • Continuous integration with delivery
  • Shared services elements
  • Monitoring, telemetry, and logging
  • Secrets management

Platform Agnostic Services

Irrespective of your company’s requirements, our professional Kubernetes consulting services can help you deploy Kubernetes infrastructure on various platforms, including Azure, GCP, AWS, open-source, and other on-premise platforms such as OpenShift, Nutanix, VMware, and OpenStack.

Platform Agnostic

No matter what your organization’s requirements are, by utilizing our Kubernetes services, we can deploy your Kubernetes infrastructure on AWS, GCP, Azure, or on-premise platforms like VMware, Nutanix, OpenShift & OpenStack.

Centralized Kubernetes Infrastructure as Code

We have helped numerous companies of different sizes deploy Kubernetes and automate their deployment of clusters according to their needs from single repositories set to no code duplication. We ensure that all your Kubernetes clusters work optimally so that you can optimally use your resources of DevOps and maintain containers within the organization.

K8 Infrastructure Implementation

Our Kubernetes experts set up frameworks to spin up production-grade Kubernetes infrastructure on-premise or within the cloud. We develop it with all essential components and make it highly available so that you can operate and monitor it at scale, irrespective of your organization’s size.

Managed Support for Kubernetes

Once you have your Kubernetes clusters in the production phase, we provide 24/7 managed support to ensure smooth deployment and uninterrupted operations of your Kubernetes infrastructure.

Kubernetes Case Studies

1. Kubernetes Container Orchestration
A worldwide insurance platform undergoing a digital transformation wanted a K8 service provider to make it easy for their application development team to ship code from dev through a mature CI/CD pipeline into production. They desired to containerize all their applications for parity between environments so that they could meet the scalability challenges that were quickly coming their way.

2. Kubernetes Post Mortem A unicorn startup had a 911 emergency where their cluster certificates had expired. This caused Apiserver calls to fail. Worker nodes were taken offline, and the single master node had been tainted to run workloads as a troubleshooting measure. Currently, etcd CLI commands were failing, and Apiserver was unable to contact etcd.