For big data consulting, Apache Hadoop is the industry standard. The open-source platform for reliable, distributed data processing and storage, Hadoop offers a way to manage large data sets across clusters of computers while using very simple programming models.

Beyond data storage and processing, our Hadoop developers can put the platform to use in terms of data access, governance, security, and operations, as per your organization’s needs. Because Hadoop is open source and runs on low-cost hardware, the platform offers a relatively inexpensive path to big data consulting.

Benefits of using Hadoop for Big Data:

Scalable Storage

The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) was designed to span clusters of servers numbering up to the thousands, with petabyte data reaching into the hundreds. Thus, this is a fully scalable, distributed big data storage platform, designed to grow economically with your organization.

Efficient Data Processing

Through Hadoop’s three-pronged approach to data processing, our developers can use its original processing framework, MapReduce, as well as newer engines like Apache Spark and Apache Tez, to use the platform to process data near where it is stored, build high-performance batch and data processing applications and create modern data architecture.

Easy Data Analysis and Access

Using either Apache Hive or Apache HBase, your organization’s applications can easily interact with the data stored via Hadoop, allowing you to continue using your preferred analytics, reporting, and visualization tools to access and work with your data.

Reliable Security

Hadoop offers several different products for centralizing your data’s security administration and classification, which can also be integrated to support pre-existing security systems. Using Hadoop’s two main security platforms, Apache Ranger and Apache Atlas, together, our Hadoop developers can realize dynamic data policies which proactively prevent data access violations.