At Stack Overdrive, we can design and build cloud infrastructure to help your organization maximize its maintainability, security, and scalability. Two essential components of our approach are DevOps Design Patterns and the Continuous Infrastructure Delivery Model.

How We Drive Agility for Your Organization?

Complete infrastructure automation and codification provide your team and organization with entirely repeatable infrastructure deployment and management processes. Instead of wasting time analyzing each change within the system and wondering if it’ll affect your production, you and your team can experiment, develop, and deploy with confidence, knowing that it’s ready.

With the help of Stack Overdrive, you can set up automation and train your team. We also recommend and help set up monitoring/introspection to make your team aware of what’s actually happening with the existing and new infrastructure.

Empower Your Company with Unique Design Patterns

Stack Overdrive builds using design patterns. This means we use the latest technologies and patterns that we have already used for good effect. For instance, we can effectively and quickly set up a cluster of Kubernetes to operate your services. The most important thing for your organization is that these design patterns are easily understandable, documented, and fit together perfectly, creating a coherent whole.

Our design patterns ultimately speed up the delivery of work for you. It also enables your team to operate, understand, and make changes in the infrastructure as required. This coherence ensures that you can execute them easily and confidently whenever you make changes in the infrastructure.

Driving Excellence with the Patterns plus Automation of Stack Overdrive

Another significant benefit of our patterns plus automation approach is that your team stays aware of your infrastructure state at any given period. It means it allows you to see what occurred, what changes happened when something transformed, and how these changes impacted the system. This enables your engineering team to perform better retrospection on incidents and plan and design better infrastructure on the basis of controlled experiments and real-time readings and metrics from known infrastructure states. This results in an efficient engineering improvement cycle, iteration speed, and greater predictability.

Driving Security with Our Patterns Plus Automation Approach

Through our configuration and automation management, you can exercise control over the environment, allowing you to manage its security with full confidence.

  • It makes everything within your infrastructure traceable to a code segment. You can identify and destroy shadow infrastructure easily and quickly.
  • You can conduct security testing with a similar setup as production.
  • A complete infrastructure review enables a coherent analysis of security rather than layering band-aids on your existing technology stack.
  • It allows you to minimize the infrastructure’s attack surface by making the entire infrastructure intentional.

Stack Overdrive: Your Reliable Partner for Complete DevOps Transformation

Stack Overdrive has worked with numerous teams and organizations, allowing us to provide you with proven patterns that work every time, making your infrastructure cost-effective, resilient, and secure while making your team confident, effective, and agile.