Chef is an automation platform for creating and operating dynamic, flexible software infrastructure across multiple datacenters and environments. Whether you’re looking to innovate, make your business run faster, or enforce standardized security, our highly skilled Chef developers can deliver what your organization needs, via a system fully integrated with DevOps best practices. For the advantages of Chef consulting across a range of digital needs, read on.

Chef Devops: The Benefits of using Chef Automation:

Server Services

Chef Server is the foundation of what Chef can offer your business. Completely scalable, Chef Server makes it possible to automate a faster, more flexible and more reliable IT infrastructure. Our consulting services will diagnose how Chef Server can best help your organization.

Integration with DevOps

Our developers are fully versed in Chef DevOps, the best practices platform into which Chef is fully integrated. We are able to deliver easily tested software and infrastructure changes which are fully traceable thanks to Chef Delivery.

Efficient Applications

Chef Delivery puts DevOps to use, making it possible to continuously deliver applications and make changes, with a minimal rate of error.

Reporting and Analytics

Using the Chef Compliance platform, our Chef developers can build security and compliance checks into your software, so you can easily scan your IT infrastructure and generate reports on compliance issues or security risks.

Cloud Management

Chef is integrated with the leading cloud platforms like Amazon EC2, Google, HP Cloud, IBM Smartcloud, Joyent Cloud, OpenStack, Rackspace, VMWare and Windows Azure, and makes it simple to manage a flexible, Cloud-based infrastructure. Chef also makes it possible to easily switch between Cloud providers as well as provision and de-provision your infrastructure in order to keep up with peaks in traffic.