Continuous Delivery (CD) is the natural next step after Continuous Integration. The most efficient, reliable way to get any and all software changes into production, the Continuous Delivery engineering approach makes releasing software secure, reliable, and low-risk. By implementing incremental changes on a daily basis, CD allows you to release new software instantly, at the push of a button.

A key advantage of CD is immediate deployability. With an approach based on a streamlined, automated process, from building and testing to the release itself, our Continuous Delivery experts will help you reduce your deployment risk while enabling you to see deployments in production. Ultimately, Continuous Delivery will help your organization get your software in front of your users faster, which means you can assess the changes’ value quickly and accurately.

Benefits of Continuous Delivery:

Improved Product Quality

Thanks to a system rooted in making changes incrementally, issues are spotted early and resolved quickly, freeing up valuable development time for deeper and more elaborated testing.

Decreased Incidents and Bugs

The basis of CD is coordinated teamwork and daily integration. As such, the likelihood of problems arising is greatly diminished, and any bugs that do crop up are addressed early and efficiently.

Increased Frequency of New Releases

By integrating changes on a daily basis, your organization is able to deploy new software on a far more frequent, reliable basis.

Better Adaptability

Thanks to Continuous Delivery’s frequent software deployment, your organization will be able to access improved, more nuanced user feedback and be able to better respond to market shifts and strategy updates.