Jenkins is an open-source continuous integration server. Our Jenkins developers can use the platform to automate how your business runs tests on new code, allowing you to get feedback quickly and feel confident knowing the testing process works. Jenkins offers hundreds of plugins to support building, deploying, and automating any project your organization might require. Furthermore, as a self-contained Java-based program, the platform’s installation is hassle-free and ready to run with most Unix-like operating systems. Our Jenkins consulting services can help you identify whether this open-source, continuous integration server is the right platform for your business.

Benefits of using Jenkins Continuous Integration + Continuous Delivery :

Multiple Plugins

Thanks to the open-source platform’s hundreds of plugins, Jenkins can integrate easily into your automated, continuous delivery system.

Jenkins Automated Testing

Automatically run tests every time your code is updated. This means you get feedback quickly and can easily identify the tests that work.

Efficient Troubleshooting

Since you can run tests automatically on every code change or update, the platform can immediately and accurately identify the source of any potential problems.

Easy Deployment

With continuous integration and continuous deployment and delivery working in tandem through Jenkins, successful test runs allow your latest codebase to be instantly and automatically released. Deployment is a snap.

Straightforward Configuration

The server is set up and configured via a web interface, where clients can also access built-in help and do quick, easy error checks.