Business Challenge

xCheck who works with some of the world’s largest airlines to automate the process of advertising airfare online was looking for an AWS Partner that could help support their current infrastructure, improve performance and cost. They engaged with us to help stabilize, troubleshoot, maintain their applications and provide 24/7 incident management for outages.

DevOps Engagement

Starting with onboarding, we began an audit of their existing infrastructure and worked on documenting existing architectural design. Post audit, we opened discussions based on our findings to position our support of the existing infrastructure by maintaining uptime, system resiliency and backups in AWS.

Secondly, by paying close attention to monthly checks and monitoring, we were able to take our growing knowledge of the infrastructure and application state, gather discoveries, and offer alignment with best practices in AWS and application improvements to the developers in support.

Overall, we work with xCheck to deliver excellent service with AWS to support growth and secure its various application pieces – from edge to application stability by tuning auto-scaling events, and build new appliances, and being responsive to their needs and requirements.


The synergy between of StackOverdrive and xCheck allowed us to deliver expertise around AWS products and best practices and allowed developers to focus on their applications and services.

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